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3 SECONDHAND BOOKS ATLAS OF THE WORLD/AMERICA | SECONDHAND BOOKS These three books are all in a good condition.

Philips Concise Atlas of The World.

Inside cover reads:-
Philip's Concise Atlas has been devised to fill the need for a reference book that is comprehensive and yet easy to use. A combination of modern cartographic techniques and high-quality printing has resulted in 128 pages of maps that are clear and readable and yet full of important detail on place names,communications and geographical features.The maps are supported by an extensive 96 page index  of over 44,000 entries. This contemporary atlas will be a pleasure to use and a valuable source of information on the world today.
C1980 George Philip & Son Ltd.
Printed in Great Britain.

AMERICA by Alistair Cooke.

America has three tears on the back of the dust jacket.
The inside cover reads:-
In this greatly expanded version of his acclaimed BBC television series,Alistarir Cooke takes the story of the USA from before its discovery by Columbus to the present day.
The book's qualities are those of Alistair Cooke's own writing: wonderfully readable, and again and again bringing into a fresh perspective events one thought one knew all about.His portraits of the men who left their mark on the country - the politicians,the bankers and the tycoons,the generals,the sodbusters and the immigrants- are masterly.He writes about the land and the people with the dispassionate but affectionate perceptiveness that listeners to his Letter from America broadcasts have become addicted to.It is a book to read for itself; it presupposes no knowledge of the American background,but anyone who reads it will have laid the foundations of an understanding of the currents that have affected the course of American history.
The book is lavishly illustrated in colour and black and white,with paintings,photographs and drawings which supplement the story.
Book was published in 1973 by the BBC.
The book has 400 pages.

New Worlds.

The Great Voyages of Discovery 1400-1600 by Ronald H. Fritze.

The inside cover reads:-
This book is a fascinating narrative history of the great voyages of discovery,and is the only one of its kind to span the crucial period 1400-1600.
The two hundred years encompassed by this study are arguably the foundation years of modern Europe.The huge expansion in trade and the acquisition of vast empires that characterise the period set the pattern for at least the next two centuries.
Ronald  Fritze begins his survey with a portrait of medieval Europe,its economy,it's geography and the developments in naval architecture  and design that made the great voyages possible.He goes on to consider in detail the voyages of Henry the Navigator,Columbus,da Gama,Cabot;the Portuguese spice empire in Asia(which is contrasted with the simultaneous rise of the Mogul empire) and the unlocking of both South and North America.The culmination of these navigational efforts was the circumnavigation of the earth by Magellan and the opening up of successful Pacific trade routes. A final chapter considers the impact of European expansion ,its effect on the European world view and economy and the challenges to the Spanish and Portuguese from the Dutch,English and French.
Drawing on new research into Columbus,Drake,da Gama and Cabot,among others,this is an up to date survey of an intrinsically exciting and interesting period.
Ronald Fritze captures this excitement,while at the same time providing access to the latest scholarship.
Book published in 2002 by Sutton Publishing Limited.
The book has 285 pages.
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