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These previously owned fridge magnets are in a good condition.

1.This house is cleaned every three months whether it needs it or not!(wrapped).
2.All stressed out... and no-one to choke!.(wrapped).
3.Don't eat between snacks!
4.Caution..Starving dieter,may bite if provoked.
5.Annoying the cook will result in smaller portions.
6.Fairy dust....a pinch in your pocket and in your shoe,something good will happen to you!
7.I'm ugly... and I'm proud!
8.Capricorn(The Goat)Dec 22-Jan 20,Anxious,Stubborn,Unhappy,Pessimistic,Arrogant,Distrustful and Doubtful.
9.Step away from the fridge!
10.Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards.
11.I only work here for the bitchy gossip and free use of Facebook.
12.All men are the same darling-they just have different names.
13.Friends are like bras.Close to the heart and there for support.
14.You always pick up more dirt with a phone than a hoover.
15.Out of my mind.Back in five minutes.
16.Keep smiling it makes people wonder what you're up to.
17.Never put off until tomorrow the fun you can have today(Aldous Huxley).
18.You can't win at everything but you can laugh at everything(Robert Killinger).
19.I kiss better than I cook.
20.Remember as far as anyone knows we're a nice normal family.

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